RUÉE (2002/2010)

RUÉE (2002/2010)

for clarinet

instrumentation: cl
duration: 8 minutes
première: July 24, 2002, Ticino Musica, Lugano, Switzerland
Fausto Ghiazza – clarinet


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(full recording)

July 24, 2002, Ticino Musica, Lugano, Switzerland
Fausto Ghiazza – clarinet

Additional performances

May 14, 2003, University for Music “Carl Maria von Weber” Dresden, Germany
Georg Wettin – clarinet

May 5, 2003, University of Music Hamburg, Germany
Georg Wettin – clarinet

September 7, 2020, Christuskirche Freiburg
Shizuyo Oka – clarinet


RUÉE (“Rush”) is a bravura piece for solo clarinet, in much the same vein as the roughly contemporary Cadenza per corno for French horn. One of Žuraj’s earliest solo compositions, RUÉE concentrates especially on the clarinet’s ability to realise breathtakingly rapid passagework with a minimum of effort, but also presents a wide range of extended techniques, such as quarter tone intervals and multiphonics. In addition, RUÉE places the traditional demands on the soloist’s musical finesse, requiring rapid and often violent changes in dynamics, playing very long phrases in one breath, and simulating polyphonic textures via dynamics and agogical emphasis.

Alwyn Tomas Westbrooke

Ticino Musica (2002)

Published by Ticino Musica

Fausto Ghiazza

recorded pieces: