iSLIDER (2007)

iSLIDER (2007)

for 8-channel-electronics

duration: 6 minutes 41 seconds
première: January 9, 2007, Karlsruhe, Germany
ZKM Kubus

Electronics produced in ComputerStudio at the University of Music Karlsruhe


(full recording)

University of Music Karlsruhe, ComputerStudio

Additional performances

June 19, 2014, Summer festival at Accademia Tedesca Roma Villa Massimo, Italy
June 25, 2014, Rotations concert, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
June 30, 2010, Haus der Deutschen Ensemble Akademie, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


iSLIDER is a play on words, adding the standard lower-case “i-” of Apple products (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to the word “slider”, which in this case refers to the sliders on a mixing desk or similar device. The “slider” in this case is in fact virtual slider used to manipulate an algorithm within the program devised to compose the piece. In this piece, the percussive raw material is morphed into numerous sound structures evoking varied sensations and associations.

Alwyn Tomas Westbrooke